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In April 2017, I had the absolute pleasure of recording some of my favourite jazz and blues tunes in London with a band of top class jazz musicians. How on earth did that come about I hear you ask?

I was travelling with my husband and had one free day in London and I asked myself …‘what would you most love to do for a day on your own in London?’ and the answer came back ‘record with some top class musicians in a famous studio’.

I’ve always been a big dreamer …so before we left I wrote to Ben Lamdin (aka Nostalgia 77 and producer of Jamie Cullum’s Nostalgia album) and asked if he would produce my record.

Ben Lamdin gathered Ross Stanley on keys, Riann Vosloo on Bass and Tim Giles on Drums for the job and we recorded six tunes. I had never met the boys in the band, but I could hear and loved the quality of Ben Lamdin’s production work, and I was happy to put my trust in him.  I was right to do so. The musicians were brilliant, creative and professional and we had wonderful time with some great tunes. It was a BIG day and tons of fun and the result is my new release ‘Live @ The Fish Factory Studios, London”. 

As Ben said to me as we finished the day…” She who dares wins” ….?


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